Aviso Engage - AI Risk Indicators and Student Success Factors  


Aviso Retention is a student engagement software solution fueled by CUSTOM predictive analytics.  We're going to give you the top three success factors as to why a student is at a low risk to persist to the next term or successfully complete their coursework. We will also provide the the top three risk factors of why you might need to have a coaching conversation with the student.


Aviso Retention provides two custom models within our base platform:

Course Base Model- A student’s likelihood to pass a specific course.

Persistence Model- A student’s likelihood to persist to the next term.

*Additional custom models can be built based on customer need.


Each risk model is displayed throughout Aviso Engage providing seamless actionable intelligence that can be used for targeted outreach and informed communication.


While Risk Indicators can provide us with an indication of student risk, Risk Scores provide a more detailed visual of Student Persistence Risk and Course Completion Risk.

The percentage listed (Risk Score) is the probability of the student persisting to the next term or completing the respective course and the Risk Level is identified via the color of the bar. Notice the bar represents 100% when filled completely, however, the bar will be filled only to the level of the Risk Score demonstrated for each situation.

persistence risk.PNG
new tern persistence risk.PNG

Data points include but are not limited to:

  • Student Demographics

  • Ability to Pay

  • Financial Support

  • Academic Ability

  • Academic Performance

  • Aviso Usage