Aviso Retention Full Product Demo


This video will introduce the Aviso Retention platform and the features available within Aviso Engage. Some of these features include:

  • Early Alerts

  • Caseload Management

  • Dashboards

  • Impact Tasks

  • Action Plans

  • Notes

  • Messages

  • Academic Planning

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Select Product Features

Aviso Student View


The student view of the Aviso Platform provides students with key features to assist in connecting them to their student success team. The home screen will consist of a list of their success team members, steps to help them become successful and any messages that have been received from their success team.


Automated Alerts


Automated Alerts are based on the information that is coming from the institution's Learning Management System (Example: Blackboard) and Student Information System (Example: Colleague).

Automated alerts range based on the configuration of the Aviso Platform to the specific requirements of the institution. Some examples are: lack of attendance, missed assignment, off-plan and grades or scores.


Faculty and Staff Initiated Alerts


Faculty and staff may want to inform a student’s support team of important student information. The manual alerting process is a quick and easy way to share this information.


 Appointments and Meetings


Aviso Enterprise offers class-leading appointment scheduling that helps direct students to the services that address their unique challenges, which features standard integration with both Office 365 and / or Google Suite.

With Aviso Engage, students walk through a wizard that allows them to select the type of service they are interested in (tutoring, financial aid, etc), permits the student to select both the preferred day and time of the appointment, and Aviso Engage cross-checks availability against staff calendars and availability settings to offer the student the resource with the highest probability to address the specific challenge identified.




Tagging allows an institution to create sub-populations within Aviso based upon data within Aviso, or data outside of Aviso from other institutional systems.


Risk Modeling Overview


Aviso Predict harvests student information where our data scientists manage a continually growing file of predictors used for assessing risk.


  • Better understand individual Risk Factors that are correlated with historical success at your institution

  • Identify the right students at the right time that could benefit from timely interaction


  • Actionable outreach leads to measurable results

  • Custom risk factors are determined using your institutional data

  • Risk predictions continue to improve over time

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