Aviso Engage - Academic Planning and Guided Academic Pathways


Academic planning provides a student, and their advisor, a means to collaborate regarding a curriculum path a student should follow. Students are unique in their purpose for college, whether it be for a degree, certificate, or a skills upgrade, and Aviso Engage supports this individualism through creation of customized academic plans. Once a plan is created, Aviso Engage will monitor this plan and match registration data from an institution's student information system against the planned courses, alerting both the student and academic advisor if there the student veers off their plan.


At a typical institution, a student follows a published curriculum guide based on matriculation year and term. Often times this curriculum guide shows requirements in a way that differs from the complexity maintained in the student information system. An Academic Plan Template can be thought of as a list of requirements that must be satisfied in order to achieve a certain certification, such as a degree. It is a standard template for what courses need to be taken when to meet the goal of obtaining the certification. In other words, it is a curriculum guide.

Aviso Retention software will automatically create an empty Academic Plan Template for each Degree Program based on information in your SIS. You may also manually create Academic Plan Templates from scratch from within Aviso. Why would you want to manage Academic Plan Templates within Aviso Engage? Benefits include:

  • Degree Program requirements are configured within your SIS, but generating curriculum guides is a cumbersome, manual process that often creates a static document. Aviso software puts a system around this process with the Academic Plan Templates feature, reducing the level of work required to provide and manage these guides.

  • Aviso Engage provides a purpose-built, easy-to-understand interface so that students and staff can easily select courses from the Academic Plan Template to add to their Academic Plan.

  • Aviso Engage will automatically perform lightweight, real-time degree auditing to ensure students and staff can easily see what courses are missing from the student's Academic Plan.  Note: Aviso is not a replacement for an institutions existing degree audit process that determines academic awards.

  • Academic Plan Templates provide flexibility to create customized Academic Plans when necessary, such as plans for part-time students, unique pathways, or plans for subpopulations of at-risk students.