Aviso Engage - Student Appointment Scheduling


Aviso Enterprise offers class-leading appointment scheduling that helps direct students to the services that address their unique challenges, which features standard integration with both Office 365 and / or GoogleSuite.

With Aviso Engage, students walk through a wizard that allows them to select the type of service they are interested in (tutoring, financial aid, etc), permits the student to select both the preferred day and time of the appointment, and Aviso Engage cross-checks availability against staff calendars and availability settings to offer the student the resource with the highest probability to address the specific challenge identified.


Team calendars are also supported, meaning that your institution can make available a general “Student Success” appointment option for students to select from.


Institution staff have the capability to control their Meeting Availability settings within Aviso Engage. Combining real-time calendar availability along with available meeting times, Aviso Engage presents to students only accurate times for appointment scheduling.


Once complete, students receive a calendar invitation to add the event to their calendar. If using Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, staff calendar will be updated in real-time to show the appointment. Otherwise a simple meeting invite will be sent which can be accepted or rejected. If a staff member or student declines the event, Aviso Engage will handle the orchestration involved to ensure both parties, and the Aviso Engage software, is updated.