Aviso Engage - Impact Tasks 


Impact Tasks allow advisors and other staff to assign tasks to a student for completion. They also allow knowledge to be gained around which tasks lead to success, and which do not. The assigned Impact Task can reference a resource from the Resource Guide and a due date can be set. This keeps the student on track toward obtaining their goals and staying successful.

For example, if you require a student to visit the Financial Aid office, assign the student a task to do so by next Friday. Multiple Impact Tasks can be assigned in the case where a multi-step process is to be followed by the student to accomplish a goal.

impact tasks 2.png

Impact Task Templates can be setup by Aviso Engage administrators. These templates permit individual advisors to create Impact Tasks in a standard and more efficient way than creating them each time by hand.


Impact Tasks can be assigned to students, or staff at the institution. When creating an Impact Task you can set who the task is About, who it is Assigned To and made the assignment of the task. Additional people that can help complete the task can be assigned so that the student knows who else they can turn to for assistance.