Aviso Engage - Communication Via Messages


Using Aviso Retention’s Messaging feature, users have the ability to send messages or nudges by email or text to targeted groups or sub populations.

Updated New Message.PNG

By clicking on "Send To", all the options for student groups will appear in a drop-down box. Users have the ability to send messages by Tag, Risk Indicator, Caseload, Degree, Program and ID. All messages can also be sent as a text message. If a student has “opted-out” of receiving information via text, messages will automatically be routed to their email.

These messages can also be saved as templates or transferred into the Notes tab upon sending. While the message may be going to multiple parties, from the student perspective, they have received an individual email targeted to them.

Messages are private between the sender and receiver. However, users do have the ability to save any or all message correspondence in the Notes portion of Aviso Engage when sending, allowing anyone who has access to a student record the ability to see the messages. Once the student opens a message, that action will be time stamped and recorded. This will assist in the verification that the student did or did not receive specific communication.