North Central State College Selects Aviso Retention as Student Success Solution


North Central State College Designates Aviso Retention as their Student Success Solution to meet student needs and to continue improving the progress, persistence and success of NC State students.

Columbus, OH, February 13, 2019 – Aviso Retention, announced that North Central State College has chosen has chosen to expand their partnership with Aviso Retention’s Enterprise Student Success Platform.

The partnership between Aviso Retention and NCSC will advance NCSC’s strategic focus to support the college’s student services and academic services redesign, while also addressing challenges of course completion and early attrition. “The redesign along with implementation of Aviso will move the college forward in the following areas:  

  • holistic advising approach, where advisors have information and data “at their fingertips”

  • monitoring of student progress and academic plans

  • proactive and intentional case management

  • follow-up and follow-thru on referrals and reduction of the “run around” for students

  • development of a responsive (and user-friendly) early alert system

  • continuity of services and seamless support of students throughout their academic experience”

Said Monica Durham, Director, Student Success & Transition Services. “A strong relationship with a smaller company who is practically in our backyard seemed the smart choice and the one to result in NC State College being treated as a partner in the software solution’s growth and development and not just a number.”

Through Aviso Retention, NCSC will be better equipped to serve their current and prospective students with an integrated by providing both guidance and nurturing as students progress through the enrollment process toward matriculation.  

“At Aviso retention, our mission is to identify the students where institutions can make the greatest impact, right now. We’ve combined best practices, advanced technology, millions of engagements, and measured results into an automated engagement engine that learns where risk lies and how staff can optimize their impact.” says Aviso Retention’s VP of Business Development, Alex Ritchey.

About Aviso Retention

Founded in 2012, Aviso Retention is a student retention solution that helps colleges and universities solve one of the biggest challenges in higher education: keeping students engaged, optimizing the chances of student success, and avoiding attrition. Aviso does this in a holistic way, by combining proven coaching methodologies with supportive software tools and predictive analytics.

About North Central State College

North Central State College is a public community college in Mansfield, Ohio. It is located on the 644-acre Mansfield Campus with The Ohio State University. NCSC offers associate degrees and certification programs in a number of career fields including business, computers, engineering, health science and public service, technology, and workforce development.

Krista Carver