Aviso Retention SACS 2018 Preview & 2019 Product Developments


New Expectations, New Opportunities: Greater Impact on Student Success

In keeping with this year’s theme for the 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Aviso Retention is evaluating our past and present with a keen eye on the future, and where we are taking our predictive analytics powered student success solutions in 2019.

With the ever-changing landscape of higher education, our college and university partners continue to adapt and develop ways to reach new, dynamic generations of students. These student success minded efforts are paired with additional expectations from institutional governing bodies to ensure students are successful at our schools.

Our goal at Aviso Retention is to live in a constant state of improvement and innovation to properly support the campuses we serve. We started our mission with a platform that allowed institutions to monitor the academic plans of their students to ensure each student remained on-track to graduate.

We remain thrilled to be a part of teams that were diligently tracking course completion and retention rates across campus. With this developmental innovation came the opportunity to develop a platform that would allow staff members a single solution to find everything they need to know in order to make a positive impact on student success and retention on their respective campus.

This pointed focus lead to the development of the Aviso Retention Enterprise Solution.



With New Expectations came New Opportunities

for our team to grow features and functionalities that would allow our partners to reach their students most effectively. This is a process that will continue to evolve, in-line with our company mission. While the opportunities may be new, the initiative to ensure students are successful on campus remains strong as we develop solutions to optimize the student experience.



Forthcoming, Institutions can expect the following toolset to be added to Aviso Retention’s existing robust student success platform:

  • Dynamic Filters

  • Distributed Predictive Risk Scoring

  • Psychometric and Behavioral Modeling Expansion

  • Impact Tasking

  • Action Plan

  • Recommendation Engine v1.0

  • And Much More!


The Aviso Retention User Community and Functional Toolset is growing rapidly as the maturity and student success focused initiatives of our partner institutions begin to really take-off. While we are proud of where we are started, our team is thrilled for the new opportunities to come. We look forward to connecting and continuing the conversation and hopefully learning more about your institution at the 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting!

To learn more about Aviso Retention, schedule a free consultation with an Aviso Retention Team Member on site at the event, click the link below:

Krista Carver