Our Story

Founded in 2012, Aviso Retention is a student retention solution that helps colleges and universities solve one of the biggest challenges in higher education: keeping students engaged, optimizing the chances of student success, and avoiding attrition. Aviso does this in a holistic way, by combining proven coaching methodologies with supportive software tools and predictive analytics.

Aviso Enterprise was created by people who work in higher education. We know firsthand how aging systems and heavy caseloads make it difficult for advisors to engage with students on their terms and stay relevant in their lives. So we designed the tool we’d always wanted, one that clears the clutter of paper systems and achieves your ultimate goal — student satisfaction, retention, and graduation. Aviso consolidates and streamlines student and academic information systems so advisors can guide students more effectively and administrators can analyze the data trends that are vital to effective planning and funding. It’s easy to integrate, intuitive to learn, and scalable for any size university or budget.

What Makes Us Different

Aviso Retention drives student retention by combining and applying three key tools — student coaching, support software, and predictive analytics. Coaching is formalized through thorough training, the data-driven identification of student needs and development stages unique to each institution, and the coaching strategies that work best at each stage.

The Aviso Enterprise Student Success Platform leverages technology to allow universities to efficiently connect with students, assist them in developing a plan for success, intervene when necessary and in the right way, and track their progress. A key differentiator of Aviso’s software is its predictive analytics capability, which uses customized institutional data to anticipate and score the attrition risk level for each student throughout the educational process. Predictive analytics anticipates issues before they happen and flag at-risk students to queue intervention.

Together, these tools help protect and maximize the investments that your school has made in marketing and recruitment by giving your faculty, advisors, and staff the tools they need to help students persist to graduation. By understanding that success doesn’t just happen in the classroom, but is the result of a whole host of supportive services like access to childcare, transportation, tutoring, and financial aid, Aviso Retention helps students meet their challenges and not be derailed by them. And when students succeed, colleges and universities succeed.

The Solution

Each component of Aviso’s solution is supported by an integrated retention platform that allows an institution to standardize its advising and coaching processes and accurately correlate efforts to results. This tightly integrated package offers immediate value to schools by raising the expertise of all institutional coaches and supporting their actions and outreach through the Aviso platform. In short, it allows your advisors to become expert coaches by merging the most efficient and successful coaching methods with data-driven supportive technology.