Aviso Retention Enterprise

Confidently know where you can have the biggest impact with your students, right now.


Aviso Retention deploys pre-built integrations and connectors for the most commonly used Learning Management and Student Information Systems in higher ed. We eliminate data “silo’s” and make sense of often times dormant institutional data.


Aviso Predict AI continuously analyzes millions of data points from your LMS, SIS and SurveyMonkey tools, then creates easy-to-use student risk indicators to focus engagements on the students that need it most - with industry leading accuracy.


Student Success is built through student engagement. Aviso Engage is a cloud-based platform displaying institutional data, predictive modeling results and student intervention recommendations.

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Aviso Retention is 100% ADA compliant - meeting or exceeding WCAG 2.X & 508 Standards

 Aviso Connect


Aviso Connect easily integrates with major Student Information, Learning Management and Survey Systems.


Aviso Predict 


Eliminate Guesswork and Miscommunication - Change Your Student & Advisor Culture


Using the data that we capture through Aviso Connect, Aviso Predict accurately measures and determines why students may be successful and, most importantly, at risk of completing their course work and persisting to the next term.  Aviso eliminates false steps and miscommunication by fostering a proactive, data driven student & advisor paradigm.

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Aviso Engage


We believe that every student has the potential to succeed. With the right engagements, by the right individuals, at exactly the right time, this potential can be released, leading to a life of purpose and success.


Easily focus on the students that need your help the most.

  • Start your day with an easy-to-use Dashboard that automatically prioritizes your activities

  • Configure your activity feed to show the students with the most pressing challenges

  • Understand which students need your help and how you can take action through meetings, impact tasks, and action plans


Keep students on track toward obtaining their goals with Impact Tasks

  • Assign student tasks to multiple departments and campus resources

  • Track when your students complete the task with due-dates

  • Gain knowledge around which tasks lead to success


Easily keep everyone in the loop

Track and record student interactions

  • Aviso Enage gives everyone the ability to track all student interactions in one place. Never search through your email again!

  • As notes are entered, events are distributed to a student's success network

  • Aviso Notes are FERPA compliant and users can set visibility rules


Communication is key

  • Create engaging conversations with students using multiple delivery options.

  • Two way text messaging with opt-out.

  • Support for institution and personal emails.

  • Mass messaging based on sub-population, risk, or copy-paste from your favorite spreadsheet.

  • Message templates, with variables, to send standardized messages with personalization.

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Send an early alert to enable the student's success team to do what they do best.

  • Configurable alert reasons through the admin panel

  • Dynamic routing of alerts to a student's success team or defined Early Alert Coordinators

  • Automated notifications keep faculty up to date on solutions and recommendations by support personnel


Student Success Starts with a Plan

Collaborate with students to build a unique guided pathway through your institution's curriculum...and then receive an alert when a student doesn't follow it.

  • Build templates that represent pre-determined or custom curriculum choices

  • Perform a "what-if" against other templates to explore credit applicability across programs

  • Collaborate with students to adjust and approve coursework that meets their educational goals


Artificial Intelligence Must Lead to Action

Predictive model results lead to proactive discussions with students about why they may struggle, or succeed, in each of their classes or persist to the next term.

  • Build rapport through understanding student strengths

  • Recommend student referrals that can remove barriers to success before they become an issue


Easy Attendance Tracking for Faculty

Staff can now use attendance data to proactively engage with students.

  • Faculty class rosters are automatically loaded from your SIS

  • Dashboard indicators tell Faculty if attendance is completely captured for the courses they teach

  • Attendance can be marked in bulk or for a single student

  • Attendance data captured is used in predictive analytics to better understand impact on student success

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Integrated Appointment Scheduling for Students

Aviso Enterprise offers class-leading appointment scheduling that helps direct students to the services that address their unique challenges, which features standard integration with both Office 365 and/or GoogleSuite.


 ADA Section 508 & WCAG 2.X Compliance

Accessibility is as important to us as it is to institutions. Aviso Retention is 100% Section 508 and WCAG 2.X compliant.

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Seamless Integration


Aviso Engage is the only student success platform that integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa. Ask Aviso for recent news, a student's GPA, or schedule a meeting. We believe in building forward-thinking tools that enhance the work of success professionals, all to drive student success.