Shawnee State University


About Shawnee State University

Shawnee State University (SSU) is a public institution founded in 1986 and located in the city of Portsmouth, Ohio on a sixty-five acre campus.  

Institution Type
Public, Coed

Undergraduate Enrollment

Academic Programs

Advising Style
Proactive / Intrusive 

Advising Model
Professional Advisors, Faculty & Success Coaches
University College - works with under prepared students

Advising Approach
Individual, interactive, high-touch

Key Advising Initiatives
SAP - Standards of Academic Performance
AIP - Academic Improvement Plans


Student Success Challenges

Disparate Systems
Causing confusion, lack of transparency and inaccurate outreach to students 

Visibility into student support system
Unsure of who is engaging with the student

Advising Process Standardization
Situational and essential information about students was not available to all staff
Advisors, staff and faculty do not know what system to engage...and when

Lack ability among groups to share timely and critical information


For Shawnee State University, transparency through system consolidation and ease-of-use has been a top priority. This allows staff to address student challenges at the precise moment when the challenge can be turned into an opportunity. SSU's utilization of Aviso Engage has provided a student support system that connects, in real-time, faculty, staff and student "followers", to consistently deliver more accurate, timely interventions. The results are student/advisor relationship efficiency, which is a direct result of SSU's high-quality processes and the Aviso Enterprise Software Platform. 

In just 18 months, SSU and Aviso Retention have delivered a steady increase in their Bachelor Degree Seeking course completion rates. As a lead indicator of general student success on campus, Aviso Predict's course completion modeling provides early warning insights for every student, in every course they are actively registered for, ensuring accurate data is clearly displayed for those supporting student success on campus. SSU and Aviso converted data to action in order to fundamentally change the way advising and coaching was done on campus.  


Within the Aviso Engage software, each student is identified with their likelihood to return next term. This prediction allows student success staff to develop strategies to engage this population, all while re-focusing students on the goal of degree attainment or other positive outcomes. Building on historical success, the graph below shows steady increases in term-to-term retention at SSU for the Bachelor Degree Seeking population.




Aviso Retention has been like a revelation for our Student Success staff. The systems we had before were very old and did not allow us to get a full picture of a student. Aviso is simply wonderful! I have found the Aviso Team to be very responsive to any concerns and beyond helpful from a consultative and technology standpoint. Aviso representatives make me feel like I am their ONLY client - my concerns are always made to feel like a top priority. I obviously understand that my institution is not the only client, but it is nice to feel as though we are.

Glenna Heckler-Todt
Director, Advising & Academic Resources


Aviso has far surpassed my expectations as a campus solution and partner. We have gone from the Dinosaur age to the Jetsons age. Because Aviso is web-based and accessible to anybody, we have broke down institutional silos that we have not been able to break since I've been here starting in the 1990's. I attribute this directly to Aviso Engage Software. I see staff, faculty and administrators using it that I never thought would embrace change. It is because they have a one-stop-shop to do this...there's no doubt in my mind.

Coleen Kosan
Assistant Director of Advising & Academic Resources


Aviso helps me to be a more effective advisor because of the quick and easy access to the information about my student and general caseload. It helps me to quickly review notes, be notified of alerts, look at transcripts, etc. without looking in multiple systems, trying to find old emails, or having to go look in a desk...or having to ask other advisors if they have previously spoken to the student.

The success of our students is our number one priority. I feel that Aviso serves as our most important and "go to" tools in our advising toolbox. Early alerts, the ability to quickly check student information, being able to add timely notes, all helps our retention efforts, as well as the students. I feel it has given the SSU community - a method - to what we are doing as a group. Given our large first-generation and under prepared population, it is critical that we are able to have instant access to this type of information. Aviso's ability to allow us to pull data quickly and easily into reports is huge. In this data-driven world, this allows us to quickly examine data and answer data driven questions.

Kelli Smith
Academic Advisor for University College & Testing Coordinator


Aviso represents working smarter, not harder. I appreciate the note feature, being able to document student information in clear concise way. The "follow" feature helps our team know is involved in supporting the student, when and what was accomplished. Taking diligent notes and having that as a resource when I meet with students. The Tagging feature allows me to report on specific activity taken, maybe on an individual student, or maybe on a sub-population of students.

Another huge advantage of Aviso is it's a user friendly system. After working with a lot of different technologies in my higher education career, this one is very easy to learn and use.  The ease-of-use is especially helpful for our Faculty members. When you have over a hundred faulty members who have access to a system, serving as the primary advisor for so many students, having Faculty buy-in is critical to successfully adopting software. Aviso made this pain-free. 

Lindsay Monihen
Director, College of Professional Studies Student Advising and Support Services


Seeing who "follows" the student helps to bridge gaps across campus departments and allows for a team to surround the student with support that's helpful to them.

Katie McGrath
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Academic Advisor for College of Professional Studies