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Identify the students where your institution can make the greatest impact, right now.


Aviso Retention Enterprise

We've combined best practices, advanced technology, millions of engagements, and measured results into an automated engagement engine that learns where risk lies and how your staff can optimize their impact.


Data must be turned into actionable information. This process begins with the harvesting and connection to the LMS and SIS data solutions that you and your students are already using.


The Student Success Engagement Engine identifies intervention opportunities that have proven successful. Our accuracy rate tops the industry average at 90%.


We aim to help you maximize student success. Our software allows you to accomplish this by prioritizing which students are at risk and how you can help, right now.

Aviso Retention is 100% ADA compliant - meeting or exceeding WCAG 2.0 & 508 Standards


 Aviso Retention Overview

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“Aviso Retention not only provides an excellent product, but they also provide an excellent customer experience. Aviso Retention was quickly adopted into all facets of the college. The response from key stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. We are already seeing the impact in student care shortly after implementation.”

Jason Stephens
Associate Dean for Student Engagement


“Before Aviso Retention, it was tough to focus our retention efforts where we could make the greatest impact. Our student support methods were largely reactive versus proactive. Now, with analytics in place, we have a deeper understanding of student risks and can intervene much quicker. The solution has had a remarkable impact on our retention success.”

Brian Merritt
VP Student Learning and Chief Academic Officer  

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Partner Testimonial


With Aviso Retention, Shawnee State University was able to address student challenges at the precise moment when the challenge could be turned into an opportunity. They were able to create transparency through system consolidation and Aviso Retention’s easy-to-use platform.

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Identify the students where your institution can make the greatest impact, right now. 

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